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Overhaul of light burned magnesium powder protective coating

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Overhaul of light burned magnesium powder protective coating

Date of release:2021-02-17 Author: Click:

The refractory materials used for heating furnaces in China include general clay bricks, high alumina bricks, ramming materials, plastic materials, general castables and high-performance castables, high temperature resistant thermal insulation coatings, refractory cement, light thermal insulation bricks, heavy thermal insulation bricks, thermal insulation felt, aluminum silicate wool and other kiln refractory materials, magnesium oxide manufacturers. These materials have high temperature resistance, but it is not easy to transform after high temperature oxidation conflicts and losses, requiring long acid and alkali after shutdown, Large personnel loss during the construction period. Now there are furnace lining maintenance coatings, which are fire-resistant, high temperature resistant, and oxidation resistant. They are painted on the surface of various fire-resistant materials. They can well maintain the shaped fire-resistant materials and avoid normal loss of fire-resistant materials, such as oxidation, pulverization, conflict corrosion, etc. This is ZS-1022 furnace lining maintenance coating, a high-temperature energy-saving coating developed by Zhisheng Weihua Company for many years, ZS-1022 furnace lining maintenance coating, which has high temperature resistance, heat shock resistance, and high adhesion, It is characterized by good thermal insulation, strong anti-aging ability, and convenient construction. It is directly sprayed on various data surfaces of the kiln lining, including insulation bricks, castables, metals, ceramics, refractory fibers, quartz sand, silicon carbide, quartz glass, etc. It can put a layer of maintenance clothing on the kiln lining, maintain the kiln lining data well, and form a layer of high temperature resistant, fire-resistant, dense and integrated coating with light burning magnesia, It greatly extends the service time of kiln lining materials and reduces the damage rate of kiln lining materials. The kiln lining maintenance coating is made of Zhisheng Weihua's special high-temperature film-forming solution, ceramic oxide, silicon carbide, rare earth oxide, ceramic fiber and other high-temperature resistant inorganic materials after high-speed dispersion and polymerization. Kiln lining maintenance coating


2. Technology leading energy-saving kiln lining maintenance coating working temperature: ≤ 1800 ℃;

3. Volume weight 1.8g/cm3;

4. The thermal shock resistance of the coating is excellent, and the coating will not crack or fall off;

5. ZS-1022 kiln lining maintenance coating has strong high-temperature oxidation corrosion resistance;

6. Adhesion level 1;

7. Linear expansion coefficient 10 × 10-6/℃; 8. Bending strength 1300 ℃, 260/MPa;

8. Tensile endurance strength 1000 ℃, 1000H: 90/MPa; 10. Elastic modulus 3.7 × 105/Mpa

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